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General Account questions

General Account FAQs

Q: Which email address should I use to setup the account for my loved one?

A: You can use your own email address as you will add the Care Recipient as a Patient. However, if you want to setup multiple Care Plans, we recommend that you use email addresses for the Care Recipient themselves. 

Q: Will someone be able to help me setup an account?

A: At CareCorner we want you to have a seamless experience and the setup process is very intuitive. We share videos on our social media accounts that show how you set up the account. However, if you are stuck, send us an email at and we can schedule a call to guide you through.

Q: Why can I not setup an account on my mobile app as the Accountholder?

A: The Account Holder CareCorner Account setup happens on the web application. It allows the account holder to subscribe and work through the setup process. Once contributors have been invited to a patient account, they can see all the details on the mobile application. Contributors sign up on the mobile app.

Q: Why does the Login take me to an Auth0 screen? What is Auth0?

A: Auth0 is a secure authentication platform that manages the login process for us. Redirecting you to Auth0 ensures that your login is safe, supports various login methods, and complies with security standards. This helps us keep your account protected while providing a smooth login experience.

Q: How much does a CareCorner subscription cost?

A: CareCorner is available either as a monthly subscription for $40, a quarterly subscription with a one hour setup appointment for $110 or as an  annual subscription at $400. Our plans can be found here.

Q: When will I have to pay?

You need to pay as part of the sign-up process. We will send you an email with the plans and you can select from there which plan you choose. Non payment will result in the Account cancellation.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

A: Simply send an email to before your next payment cycle to avoid being charged.

Deleting account and data

Q: I have invited a contributor but they cannot see my Care Plan. Why is that?

A: Please note that the contributor email addresses are case sensitive. Ensure that the email address is entered in the exact way to guarantee a link to the Care Plan. 

Care Team FAQs

Q: How many support workers or nurses can I add to the Care Team?

A: We understand that Care Teams can sometimes be quite large depending on the individual's needs. We are not going to restrict the amount of contributors you can add to the team. Anyone that needs to be involved can be added and access the platform via the mobile app.

Q: Can I sign up multiple patients for my Nursing Agency?

A: Please get in touch with us to discuss an Enterprise Arrangement.

Mobile App FAQs

Q: I have created an account on the mobile App but cannot see anything. What is wrong?

A: The mobile app only shows the Care Plan when the Contributor account is connected to a Care Team. The patient account gets created on the web platform. The Account holder can then add contributors to their Care Teams. Once that is done, you can see the Care Plans for all your patients on the mobile app. 

Q: I have been invited as a contributor and sign up, but I cannot access the Account.

A: There could be multiple reasons for this. The email address is case-sensitive. Check with the Account holder that you your email address has been entered correctly. Once that is confirmed, make sure that you have verified your account after sign up. (You will have received an email with a verification code after sign up.

Q: How can I delete data when I have accidentally entered it twice or incorrectly?

A: At this stage you cannot delete data and this is something that we are currently investigating. However, if you have made a duplicate or incorrect entry, just put up a progress note to the team and let them know about the incorrect entry.

Q: What does P/U and B/O stand for in the toileting section?

A: P/U stands for "passed urine" and B/O stands for "bowels open".

Q: Why can I not see all the data in the mobile app report section?

A: At the moment we display only selected data on the mobile application daily report. We are continuing to build on the data available. All data entered can be see by the Accountholder logging on to the webplatform.

Q: Why can I not untick medications in the regular medications?

A: Once a medication has been given and this has been saved on the mobile App, it can't be unsaved on the mobile app. This is to protect that contributor that has completed the medication administration and avoid accidential overdoses.

Q: What do I do when the mobile app continues to show an error?

A: This might happen because you have not logged on in a while. We suggest that you shut down the application, restart it, login again and try again.

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