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CareCorner was founded to simplify the coordination of care for loved ones with a disability or chronic illness.

We experienced first-hand the struggle to keep track of care using paper records, impacting the environment and requiring hours of preparation prior to appointments.


With years of lived experience in special needs parenting, many hours of research and a co-design approach, we created a digital platform that provides comprehensive information to medical consultants and supports the NDIS system.

We understand that each care recipient is highly unique and it always takes a while to get to know them, particularly when communication is difficult. CareCorner acts as the buddy that knows all the details and it always by the side of support workers, nurses or allied health professionals. 

Our team's expertise in data and medical understanding equip us well to create an accessible platform.


Throughout our journey we have experienced invaluable support from many partners - including but not limited to those with lived (care) experience, medical and allied health professionals as well as funding partners.

Without this support we would not have been able to further our mission to making care for loved ones easier and more accessible.

"Our mission is to improve the quality of information to enable better decision making and provide Peace of Mind."

Care Network
  • For the person with a disability or chronic illness

  • For the Carers and Guardians

  • For the Support workers / Nurses

  • For the Allied Health and Medical Teams.

Special THANKS to our supporters
and funding partners.

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