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Care Corner was established with the aim to simplify the coorindation of care for a loved one with special and/or medical needs.
Barbara, Mum of little Winston, has been tracking Winston's care with a team of multiple nurses and therapists for years on paper. Not only was this negatively impacting the environment through copious amounts of paper being used, but it was also very hard to observe trends and usually required hours of preparation looking through all notes prior to medical appointments or NDIS planning meeting. And then there were the trips to the Emergency department where hundreds of questions would be asked and the parents ending up having to recall the last few days or hours of the top of their heads, not to mention the medication chart outlining 40 doses of medications spread throughout the day.

After two years of walking in the Special Needs Parenting shoes the dream of creating an app to track and record all of Winston's care manifested itself more and more clearly. Focus groups with parents and nurses, multiple conversations with medical consultants and 100s of hours of conceptualising later, the concepts are currently getting put into shape.

The appreciation for data through the completion of a PhD combined with the medical understanding through lived experience equip us well to create an app that is easy for the laysperson to navigate and comprehensive enough to provide viable information to medical consultants as well as inform the NDIS system in determining reasonable and necessary care.

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